I chopped an XBOX360 wireless controller in half, bolted on a bunch of carved up FR4, wired in a Teensy 3.2 with a USB-C plug, and fitted it to my phone. Boom, Nintendo Switch without the DRM.

Before using the commercial controller, I also built a version entirely out of structural carved FR4, which proved rather uncomfortable to use but did prove the concept:

A future version could be a kit that encourages a user to chop their old game controller (XBOX or otherwise) in half, and provides replacement PCBs that mate up with the factory “ergonomics package” from the original device. During assembly, the user would customize the exact dimensions of the structure to snugly fit their device. Less E-waste, more upcycling, funner mobile gaming. Also, get ready to learn how to replace the USB board on your phone.

More on Version I (bodgy), more on Version II (a bit less bodgy)

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