about Zach

zachary dot fredin at gmail dot com, drop me a line!

Currently, senior woodshop and electronics education technician at The Possible Zone.

Before that, I painted a cabin, built lattices, sculled around a lake, and photographed birds for a summer in northern MN.
Before that, maker-in-residence, The Possible Zone.
Before that, tokamak I&C lead, SPARC team, Commonwealth Fusion Systems.
Before that, research assistant at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms.
Before that, co-founder and lead engineer, NeuroTinker, via NSF SBIR.
Before that, outside sales engineer / wearer-of-many-hats, Jasper Engineering & Equipment Co.
Before that, front-end supervisor / maintenance planner, Wyman-Gordon Grafton.
Before that, product development engineer, Advanced Forming Technology.
Before that, manufacturing engineer, Sawyer Technical Materials.

Resume, CV, both updated summer '23.

YouTube channel, where I occasionally post about things I am working on.

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